Palau Hybrid

It is natural grass surrounded by synthetic fibers with a special shock pad that prevents the soil from compacting

Palau Hybrid is much more than just a reinforced natural turf system. It is a super sport field with a unique performance never seen before. What the system makes for players and grounsdmen can not be found in other competitors. Discover why!



Benefits for Groundsmen

Natural grass in Palau Hybrid system is very well protected. The shock pad provides so much air that roots become very dense and they grow down very deep. As a result, grass leaves are very vigorous and strong. The sport field can be used many hours. In addition, the filter prevents larvas from getting to the roots zone, so the attack doesn’t really occur.

The drainage capacity is very high as the soil always stays aerated and soft. Compaction forces are absorbed by the shock pad. So when you, as a groundsman, undertake a nutrition plan what you apply works much better and faster. The pitch will be greener.


  • Mechanical maintenance reduction: neither aeration nor rolling needed.
  • Roots only surrounded by air in the shock pad body.
  • Insect risk and pathogenic infection reduction. Faster decomposition of organic matter.
  • Larvas attacks are very unlikely to occur.
  • No waterlogged thanks to the excellent drainage.

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Benefits for Players

The others Hybrid turf systems are normally harder than standard natural grass. Palau Hybrid solves this problem with the special shock pad. It is a must to keep the hardness values within the recommended range, otherwise player will get higher loads which increase the risk of injuries.


According to independent studies made by laboratories accredited by FIFA

Palau Hybrid guarantees that all biomechanics parameters drop within the required range. Furthermore, a biomechanical institute did a research in our system to see how the energy was transmitted from the ground to the body player after the impact. Results say that thanks to the shock pad the energy transmitted to the player was lower as compared to natural grass. That means that risk of injuries is lower.

  • More hours of use thanks to the turf roots protection and grip.
  • More uniformed field without pot holes and any other irregularities.
  • Less injury risk by part of the football players.
  • Better elastic performance thanks to the shock pad.

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Enjoy a stronger grass pitch. Benefit from having this technology at your sport facility or stadium.

Palau Hybrid was designed to reduce the risk of injuries. An independent study carried out by Instituto Biomecánico de Valencia states this result. Link


Groundsmen will love it

Players will enjoy it